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Half Sked’s

Half Sked’s

The half sked's

The Half SKED, also known as the SKEDCO Half-SKED or simply “Half-SKED,” is a versatile and innovative piece of rescue equipment designed to facilitate the extraction and transport of individuals in challenging and confined spaces. This device is an evolution of the full-sized SKED stretcher and is particularly well-suited for scenarios where space limitations or weight considerations make traditional stretchers impractical. Here’s a closer look at the Half SKED and its applications:

Design and Features:

Compact Design

The Half SKED is designed to be more compact than its full-sized counterpart. Its reduced size and weight make it highly portable and suitable for use in confined spaces, such as narrow tunnels, caves, or areas with limited headroom.

Patient Immobilization

Like the full-sized SKED, the Half SKED is equipped with secure straps and restraints to immobilize the patient during extraction and transport. This prevents further injury and ensures the patient’s safety throughout the rescue operation.

Durable Materials

The Half SKED is typically constructed from durable, chemical-resistant materials to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in confined or hazardous environments.


It can be used for both horizontal and vertical patient transport, making it adaptable to various rescue scenarios. Rescuers can carry or hoist the patient, depending on the specific requirements of the situation.


Confined Space Rescues

The compact design of the Half SKED makes it ideal for rescues in confined spaces, such as industrial pipes, underground tunnels, or collapsed structures. It allows rescuers to safely extract and transport individuals from these challenging environments where traditional stretchers may not fit.

Cave Rescues

Caves often have narrow passages and uneven terrain, making it difficult to use a standard stretcher. The Half SKED’s portability and maneuverability are well-suited for extracting and transporting injured cavers to safety.

>Vertical Rescues

: In situations where patients need to be lifted or lowered, such as during mountain or cliff rescues, the Half SKED can be employed as part of a rope rescue system. Its secure patient restraint system ensures a safe descent or ascent.

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue teams find the Half SKED invaluable when conducting operations in remote or rugged terrain. Its lightweight and compact design allow for easy transportation to the rescue site, where it can be used to evacuate injured or stranded individuals.


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