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Skedco rescue products

Skedco is the industry leader in patient immobilization and extrication. Whether Skedco products are deployed in a confined space rescue operation or deployed from deep or swift water rescue operations, our rescue equipment helps you save lives in a matter of seconds.

Rescue gear for professionals

Rescue gear and systems for military and civilian professionals. Innovative rescue equipment for the most demanding situations.

Military rescue stretchers

The Sked range is especially tailored for the military and includes products for field combat rescue. Next to that, to be used for industries as Oil and Gas, Construction and Mining, Confined Space Rescue, Emergency Services and Outdoor Rescue. Plus the packs and bags and a full range of accessories.

Best rescue stretcher in the world

The Sked is the best rescue stretcher in the world. The Sked is made from a proprietary formula of E-Z glide polyethylene plastic. In trials, it has proven to be tough enough to withstand being run over by a 56-ton tank, and then used afterward to drag a soldier around a military base for 10 miles over extremely rough terrain. We will learn you in a proper training the techniques of our rescue equipment.

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