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Spine Immobilizers

Immobilization refers to stabilizing an injured body part to prevent movements that could worsen the injury or cause additional injury. The main objectives fixed in Rescue are:

  1. Preventing Further Injury: When someone is injured, especially in the spine or extremities, any movement can exacerbate the injury. Immobilization keeps the injured area stable and reduces the risk of further injury.
  2. Pain management: Immobilization can help reduce pain by reducing movement of the injured body part. Pain relief is not only important for the victim’s health, but also for maintaining their mental and emotional well-being in stressful situations.
  3. Facilitates Safe Transport: Restraints are critical when an injured person needs to be transported to a medical facility. It ensures the victim remains stable while driving and minimizes the risk of additional injury.

This spinal immobilization/extrication device is the only device of its kind that meets all of the established criteria for immobilizing a seated patient. An ideal companion for the Sked® Stretcher System, the Oregon Spine Splint provides for safe removal of patients without doing further damage to the spine.

The SK-300 OREGON SPINE SPLINT II comes with:

SK-301      Collar Strap
SK-302      Forehead Restraint
SK-302A   Skedco Dispos-A-Pads, package of 10
SK-303      Shoulder Board
SK-304      Head Pad
SK-305      Oss Carrying Case

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