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Wound extender



A wearable wound that expands the wound to fit around actors and role players of different sizes. The Wound Extender allows wounds with Velcro closures to be used on different actors. Also allows wounds designed for use on arms and legs to be used in multiple locations on the actor. It wraps around an actor or manikin and attaches with Velcro. The PATENTED construction with SOFTTECH® materials provides realism to your training scenario. The WW3-012 can be used with any portable WW3 wound product (sold separately).


The representative skin and tissue of the WW3-012 is made of high-quality silicone rubber, with color layers that add depth and realism to the product. In addition, the SOFTTECH® material feels realistic and is very durable and UV-resistant. The skin also contains a reinforcing tissue that provides strength and resistance to the propagation of tears if the skin is punctured or cut.