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TerrAdaptor Speed Lock Kit



TerrAdaptor Speed ​​Lock set (12 pieces)

The Speedlock Kit includes 12 ball-lock pins that allow for faster installation and removal of the TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System. The ball-locking mechanism allows for faster and easier secure connections between system components. The pins can also be attached to your harness, so they’re ready when you need them most.


• Viynl-coated steel hooks with wire closure
• High visibility orange, 1” flat nylon webbing
• 5kN breaking strength (1124 lbs.)
• 14′ length when fully extended
• Weight: 22.6 oz
• High quality, very strong steel pin, and aluminum head
• Push-pin action with quick-release
• Works with TerrAdaptor Lash Ring and the New Space Station
• Made in the USA

Product Overview

Engineering work, rescue and other rope access activities are inherently dangerous. Anyone using a portable anchor system should receive qualified instruction before using such equipment in any way. If you are not well-versed in understanding resultant forces, high directivity concepts, and other basic issues related to portable anchor systems, you are not qualified to use this device until you are adequately trained. Everyone who uses the TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System is responsible for their own decisions and actions. Failure to heed this warning could result in serious injury or death.

For use
The techniques used for the proper and safe use of this equipment should be learned only through PERSONAL instruction from an instructor properly qualified in all aspects of vertical rope work. Such instructions include an evaluation of your understanding of and ability to perform the tasks required to use this equipment safely and efficiently. Never attempt to use it until you have received such instruction and are deemed competent by your instructor. In addition, you must read and understand this user manual.

Inspection before use
Inspect each Speedlock pin visually and by touch for cracks, deformation, corrosion, scratches or gouges, sharp edges, or rough spots. If necessary, compare these pins with new ones to determine their condition. Check that the ball lock mechanism is functioning properly. Remove a component from the service if there is any doubt about its safety or usability.