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TerrAdaptor Space Station



Designed for elite rope technicians, the all-new space station adds even more capabilities to the TerrAdaptor, the world’s most versatile industrial tripod.

-Multiple configurable connections via TerrAdaptor
head and leg joints

-One fixed and one floating rigging plate make this possible
burdens of self-centering

-Can be split into two halves and attached to both halves
TerrAdaptor gray perforated tubes or orange center tubes

-Can be set up as a single, lightweight monopod head

-Sturdy 5/8” thick rigging plates are NFPA compliant
G-rated eye-eye loads (50kN) and
T-rated axial loads (24kN)

-Integrated rope horn for rigging options without connectors

-Seven extra-large connection holes on each plate, suitable for
suitable for multiple carabiners and passlock sleeves

-Includes: zippered case, large ball locking pin, 2 feet
pins, user manual

-Weight: 65oz

Made in the USA