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TerrAdaptor™ QuickLash



The TerrAdaptor™ QuickLash is designed to work exclusively on the TerrAdaptor™ gray tube as an anchor point. With the QuickLash, TerrAdaptor™ users can now install an additional anchor point before, during or after setup. Simply connect the QuickLash by inserting the quick release pin and you have a very strong single or multi-way tie-down. This new QuickLash is ideal for attaching pulleys or other equipment to assist with tying, diverting and/or securing. Fast, easy and very strong make this TerrAdaptor™ accessory a must-have for all rescue teams who have come to love the TerrAdaptor™.


Most important features:

-Attach to gray pipes before, during or after setting up TerrAdaptor
-Connection point for single or multi-way tieback
-Can be attached to the inside of the leg and used to tie down TerrAdaptor for stability
-Can be used as an attachment point for hanging pulleys or other items
-Can be attached to the foot connection point
-30 kN strength when loaded straight along the main axis
-15 kN at strength when pulled to the side at a 90 degree angle

Product info

-Color: Gold
-MBS: 30 kN (6744 lbf)
-Weight: 4.2 oz (118 g)
-Length: 4.42″ (11.2cm)
-Width: 2.94″ (7.5cm)
-Height: 0.75″ (1.9cm)
-Main axle: 30 kN (6744 lbf)
-Small shaft: 15 kN (3372 lbf)
-Material: anodized aluminum