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Tactical Sked w/Cobra Buckles- OD Green



The Tactical Sked was requested via the system from a lower range. It weighs seven pounds and with all accessories, it weighs 9 pounds. When laid out, the Tactical Sked measures in 6 ft. 7 inches long X 22.5 inches wide X 1/10 inch thick. It comes in Coyote Brown color and has COBRA® buckles throughout. There is a strap diagonally across the chest to keep the patient in if they become upside down. Other Skeds don’t need it because they are longer. When rolled up, the Tactical Sked is 7 inches in diameter x 22.5 inches long. When strapped over your backpack, you can easily go through a door without it getting stuck. It’s made from the same rugged plastic that all Skedco nests are made from, so it’s extremely durable in the most extreme environments. The accessories include: a pair of horizontal lifting straps, a steel carabiner to secure the ends of the slings together for hoisting them into a helicopter, and a tow strap for “hands-free” towing. The backpack is 24 inches long x 7 inches in diameter. When carried or hoisted, the Tactical Sked keeps your patient’s body upright. It will not bend in the middle. Because it is narrow, it forms an anatomical splint around the legs when the straps are tightened. It is truly the most versatile of all lightweight stretchers. For more information, please contact Skedco and one of our representatives will assist you.