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SKEDCO® Rapid Extraction Sked® – O.D. Green



The Rapid Extraction Sked Stretchers are designed for increased safety and speed of packaging and extraction of patients from the battlefield and other environments. They are lighter weight and have a harness included for greater safety and to keep the patient properly positioned in the litter. The Horizontal lift slings are the same as the previous models except that they are both the same length. In the manner they are used they break at 18,000 pounds and there are two of them. The vertical lift sling is incorporated into the attached harness thus eliminating the rope used in previous models of the Sked. This saves a lot of time as they are always connected and ready for use. Rather than weaving a rope through the grommets and remembering how to tie the knots, all you do is release the screw link at the head end and clip it into the helicopter winch hook or the rope rescue haul system. The harness is very unique too. The vertical webbing is woven through the Sked cross strap eyes and are connected at the top with a triangular screw link that is rated at 5,000 pounds minimum break strength. The straps are connected at the lower end by a Cobra buckle that is used in many brands of rescue harnesses.

At the lower end of the harness are adjustable leg loops that are secured around the patient’s upper leg in order to lift his weight. They are sewn to the vertical harness webbing at the side of the Sked. In case of an amputation you just use one leg loop around the existing leg. If both legs are amputated the leg straps are buckled to each other to form a loop around the patient’s lower torso which will keep him positioned in the upper part of the Sked which makes it far easier to handle the Sked. This configuration of the leg straps also makes it possible to form an improvised junctional tourniquet which will aid in controlling bleeding.

At the top end of the harness there is an attached chest harness to keep the patient from sliding out in case the Sked somehow gets inverted. It is crossed across the patient’s arms and shoulders and will form an X over the chest for maximum safety.

The full size R.E. Sked is 28 inches wide at the torso area and tapers toward the foot end to provide excellent patient access without opening the Sked. The vertical straps of the harness are passed from the inside out through beefy #7 grommets and the screw link at the head end is secured to the center grommet at the top end of the Sked on the outside. This will keep it from not being dragged on the ground when not in use. When hoisting the Sked in the vertical position you simply release the retainer bar from the grommet and clip the screw link into a winch hook of rope rescue haul system.

Prior to hoisting in the vertical position it is necessary to grasp the drag handle of the Sked and pull the head end of the Sked up so it is curled over the patient’s head for added safety in case the Sked gets inverted and to protect the patient from small falling objects. Safety and attention to detail is always paramount. See instructions.

The (SK-RES) Rapid Extraction Sked® comes with:

SK-RES01-GR: Rapid Extraction Sked® – O.D. Green – Stretcher Body Only
SK-RES02-CB: Cordura backpack
SK-RES03-GR: Horizontal Lift Slings (pair)
SK-204: Sked® Tow Strap
SK-206-B: Steel Locking ‘D’ Carabine




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