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Skedco Helitag Helicopter Tag Line Kit



The Helitag Kit is designed to prevent litter spin during hoist operations. A litter can spin up to 180 rpm’s. That is enough to cause a patient to become a “human centrifuge”. The body fluids are forced to the ends of the body. Litter spin can cause death if allowed to continue. The Helitag kit when properly used will prevent litter spin completely.

This kit contains 300 feet of high visibility 5/16″ water rescue rope. Because the core is polypropylene and the sheath is nylon, the rope floats. It should not be used for rappelling. At the litter end of the rope, there is a “weak link” that breaks between 265 to 310 pounds. It is a safety “break away” that separates if the rope becomes entangled in trees or boat and ship masts. It is attached to the V strap with 2 stainless steel screw links. The V strap is attached to the litter with 2 screw lock carabiners. The kit is all contained in a 7 inch diameter x 23 inch bag in Coyote Brown color. This is required onboard all Army MedEvac helicopters and in many infantry medical sets.

The SK-1010 Skedco Helitag Helicopter Tag Line Kit comes with:

SK-1011 Skedco weak links, bag of 10
SK-1012 300′ Water Rescue Rope
SK-1013 Locking D Carabiner, Black (2)
SK-1014 Screw Link
SK-1015 Skedco ‘V’ strap
SK-1016 Skedco Helitag throw bag with foam disk