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Skedco Cobra Buckle, conversion kit


The challenge of finding a quick connect/quick release buckle for the Sked® has finally been achieved. Skedco now has Austrian-made Skedco/Cobra® side release buckles that are reliable and strong enough to meet the needs of securing a patient in a Sked® stretcher without the risk of breakage. These buckles are rated at 3,000 pounds. They are durable and easy to use. When under tension they are very difficult to release, so accidental release under tension is not a problem. With these buckles you no longer have to weave the straps through the buckles when packing a patient. Packing patients often takes about half the time of using the original steel buckles. Due to the cost of the buckles, they are offered as a special order on new Sked®’s and as a retrofit kit for Sked®’s you already own. However, you get everything you pay for with these buckles. They dramatically speed up patient packing due to their ease of use.`