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Sked Evac TRipod EN795B



The SKED-EVAC® tripod extends up to three meters high at the three anchors available for snapping into place. Each of the anchors is anodized red for easy identification, and all are equally well centered to handle a load. The anchors, head and legs are interconnected with stainless steel bolts for maximum strength. The head limits the distance the legs can spread. When fully extended, this tripod allows you to completely remove the patient in a stretcher from the hole. It is rated for an NFPA rescue load. The tripod comes with a chain that goes through the feet for greater strength and stability. The chain is not broken down by acids or chemicals such as nylon webbing or ropes. The legs are adjustable in 5″ increments and Skedco provides safe workload data for any tripod height on any tripod. Brackets are available for mounting the most popular winches. Made in the USA. Disclaimer: Skedco strongly recommends against attaching “change of direction” pulleys to the feet or legs of the Sked-Evac or any other tripod as side pulling against unsecured tripod legs is dangerous and could result in injury or death.