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Ranger Sked pat./Equipm. Drag w/ Cobra Buckles C. Brown



The Ranger Sked, designed by the Army Rangers, is used as a tow vehicle for patients or equipment. It is strong, durable, lightweight, and extremely versatile. It measures 22.5 in x 8 ft x .100 in thickness and rolls up to a compact 7 in diameter and 22.5 in length. It is not designed to be lifted by helicopter. It is either carried by the six sewn-on handles or towed using the tow strap. It has five cross straps that fasten with COBRA® buckles, six carry handles (sewn on), and a 10-foot rope with a plastic tube handle for towing. The rope can be adjusted to shorter lengths by pulling it further through the grommets and tying the overhand knots further from the ends of the rope. The Ranger Sked is rolled up for storage with a retaining strap to keep it rolled up.