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FEBSS HydraSim® SP Basic System



The HydraSim® SP (Single Port) system meets the high demand for ultra-realistic bleeding simulation during tactical medical training scenarios while providing a cost-effective solution for any training budget. The HydraSim® SP scales the rugged durability of the original HydraSim® with a single, wirelessly controlled output port for hemorrhage simulation. The HydraSim® SP is easy to conceal and is designed to fit in almost any backpack or undergarment. The HydraSim SP allows the user to create their own simulated injuries and breathe new life into old training manikins and moulage kits.

HydraSim® SP Basic Kit (FS-2500B) contains:

– HydraSim with (1) remote control transmitters FS-1002
– HydraSim rechargeable battery and battery charger FS-1005 |
– MultiSim injuries manufacturing kit No. 225
– (2) simulation blood packs FS-1004
– Refill tank truck 11.36 liters FS-2003-BL
– Hydrasim field pack