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The Spencer Blue Splints Kit is an essential immobilization kit designed to help rescuers effectively stabilize suspected limb fractures in patients, reducing pain and risks of additional damage during pre-hospital transport operations. It comes with 5 highly resistant rigid splints and a carrying case. Each splint can be used for both pediatric and adult patients of any size; Self-adhesive straps ensure safe and quick immobilization of the limbs, while an additional orange strap identifies the attachment area of ​​each splint, speeding up the strapping process. The structure and design of blue splints allow paramedics to administer an emergency IV. The kit is very easy to wash and resistant to bacterial contamination.

-Splint for leg:580 x 450 mm
-Weight splint for leg:360 g
-Splint for arm:590 x 280 mm
-Weight splint for arm:300 g
-Splint for forearm:390 x 300 mm
-Weight splint for forearm:206 g
-Splint for wrist:310 x 240 mm
-Weight splint for wrist:145 g