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Blood control part task trainer



The PTT-B80 Bleeding Control Part Task Trainer is a simulated lower body, with a complete leg amputation and a gunshot wound in the groin crease. Using its PATENTED and PATENT PENDING mechanically responsive blood flow system, SOFTTECH® and ROCKTECH® materials, this realistic training device responds to the following medical interventions:

• Tourniquet

• Abdominal aortic tourniquet

• Junctional tourniquet direct pressure

• Proximal pressure

• Wound packing The PTT-B80 is designed to work with Skedco® brand bleeding simulation equipment. Alternatively, it can be connected to a manual pump bottle or WW3-BRP blood supply pump. The blood supply pump is not included with this device.Construction-

• The representative skin and tissue of the PTT-B80 is made of high-quality silicone rubber, with color layers that add depth and realism to the product. In addition, the SOFTTECH® material feels realistic and is very durable and UV-resistant. The skin also contains a reinforcing tissue that provides strength and resistance to tear propagation if the skin is punctured or cut.

• The inner structure of the PTT-B80 is an aluminum casting, which provides strength and durability. The casting has minimum wall thicknesses of 3/16 inch. This allows the student to use his body weight for proximal pressure. It has a machined interface that allows easy, rugged, screw-on mounting to the lid. The mandrel contains anatomical landmarks that can be felt externally to assist in the placement of bleeding control devices.

• The lid covering the internal cavity of the PTT-B80 is fully machined, black anodized aluminum. It uses a recessed mounting surface for the blood supply connectors to protect them from damage. A handle is attached to the cover for easy carrying and markings to indicate correspondence between openings and wounds.

• The PATENTED & PATENT PENDING bleeding system consists of blood flow lines, tourniquet-responsive mechanisms, and a packable wound structure. When proper medical interventions are performed, the bleeding will stop.