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Leg amputation with bone



The device is attached to the thigh of the actor or puppet. Hard bone is ideal for low-light situations where students judge by feel. Realistic weight.A wearable wound simulation that represents a leg amputation, exposing bone, muscle, fat and tendons. It wraps around an actor or manikin and attaches with Velcro. Blood tubing is integrated into the construction to easily create simulated blood flow. It comes with a venting system. The PATENTED construction with SOFTTECH® and ROCKTECH® materials ensures realism in your training scenario. The WW3-904 works with the included WW3-BRP blood supply pump and is also compatible with SKEDCO® brand bleeding simulation equipment (sold separately). The representative skin and tissue of the WW3-904 is made of high-quality silicone rubber, with layers of color that add depth and realism to the product. In addition, the SOFTTECH® and ROCKTECH® material feels realistic and is very durable and UV-resistant. The skin also contains a reinforcing tissue that provides strength and resistance to the propagation of tears if the skin is punctured or cut. The integrated hose with supply connection simulates the blood flow.