Exclusive european distributor of Skedco rescue gear

Exclusive dealerships & full service support

Exclusive dealerships & full service support

Exclutsive dealerships & full support

We are looking for international dealers who can help us expand our business worldwide.

Why become a dealer?

Our Sked rescue stretcher has become the leading model in many industries and fits various market demands. Our aim is to deploy the Sked stretcher everywhere. Therefore we have to guarantee global availability of our products. How can we do that? We simply need more dealers. Reliable partners who consider the quality of our products as much as we do.

How can you benefit of a dealership?

To exclusive partners we offer special sales rights, high margins, rapid delivery and full-service support.

Full-service support

We are able to help our partners with everything in our reach. We stimulate sales and marketing activities and assist you where needed. We take care of client recommendation, we collaborate on sales projects, providing leads to you. Next to that we provide rescue and equipment training on site.

Commercial activities

We organize promotional activities and marketing activities online as well as offline. We organize and attend events and trade shows.

Skedco is a family operation​

We care as much for our customers as we do about each other and we would really like to work with you.

What’s next?

Feel free to contact us directly in order to discuss an exclusive dealership.

This is why you want to do business with us:

Become a dealer or find your local distributor