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Continuous innovation & product development

Continous innovation & product development

Continous innovation & product development

Skedco Europe is on a mission to save more lives through innovative products and training techniques. Our mission is simple: we use innovation, industry knowledge, and firsthand experience to develop rescue solutions that help save lives. When you invest in a Skedco product, you are getting the very best quality and design—equipment that’s been tested and proven.

Designed and developed

More than 30 years ago, Skedco Inc. USA designed and developed the best rescue stretcher on the market, made from a proprietary formula of E-Z glide polyethylene plastic. In trials, it has proven to be tough enough to withstand being run over by a 56-ton tank, and then used afterward to drag a soldier around a military base for 10 miles over extremely rough terrain.

Leader in patient immobilization

Skedco has since designed numerous other products to become the industry leader in patient immobilization, management and extrication. They invented the Oregon Spine Splint to immobilize patients with spinal injuries to prepare them for transport. Next to that Skedco added the flotation system to self-right the Sked into an almost upright position during capsizing in water. Skedco has worked with the army to develop many new products—including a line of military-specific Skeds—designed and built to the colors and specifications needed to save the injured on the battlefield.

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