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Hazmat Rescue

Skedco Europe provides lightweight, cost- effective and durable products in the hazmat line—like straps, buckles, Skeds, and carabiner organizers. Our experience-refined equipment prepares you for the unique problems posed by mass-casualty events.

System for rapid evacuation

This system includes everything necessary for rapid evacuation of mass casualties like in a chem-bio environment. Because we never know how far away we can get from the Hot-zone. This kit allows as many as 4 rescuers in level A to work in the Hot-zone on a major incident. There are 2 Skeds for each rescuer in level A. There are also 4 clean Skeds for moving patients from the warm zone to decon to prevent dragging contaminated litters outside the area.

This is why you want to do business with us:

World's leading rescue equipment

Reliable network of professionals

Friendly partner to work with

Certified products (including EU & CE)